As the National sporting body WAZ works hard to help develop and grow clubs and coaches in the different provinces in Zambia.

Coaches can begin initially with online training delivered by our Training and Development officer Coach Gregory from BASED Wrestling in Australia. Coach Gregory is a licensed UWW wrestling coach, ASCA level 2 Strength & conditioning coach and SMA Level 2 Sports trainer (sports medic). He is also a qualified trainer and assessor with many years experience in sport and other industries. He currently coaches wrestlers from beginners through to international level.

Coaches, clubs and provincial bodies are fully supported by WAZ and BASED wrestling with online resources, workshops, training texts, specialist advice and support in every step of the process.

To start your coaching journey, establish a club or provincial body just send us an email!


Within the sport of wrestling, as with many other sports coaches can fall broadly into 2 categories.

1) Technical coaches, who teach the moves, tactics and techniques required for success in the game.

2) Strength & Conditioing coaches, who's job is to develop the athlete in 5 trainable areas of Strength, Speed, Power, Endurance and agility/mobility.


In the WAZ the development for technical coaches can begin either va online training or as part of your training with yoour club. There is currently 3 levels of coach available with the 4th to be added when WAZ begins to offer Grappling.

Copper Coach - This is the starting point for all coaches and is available to youth from 15 years old. It covers the basics of safety, running warmups, communication and how to teach skills.

Bronze Coach - This coach is becoming more substantial in the sport and can run full sessions and cover the basics of wrestling. You will learn more about using principles to accelerate the skill accquisition phase for your wrestlers and develop their game plans so that training time delivers better on mat results.

Silver Coach - At this point the coach is well versed in Beach, Freestyle and Greco-Roman wrestling. Silver coaches can be considered for appointment to positions within the NWS and are expected to be leaders in the wrestling community. It should be stressed that reaching the Silver coach accreditation is NOT the end of the journey, it is just the start of it!

"You know enough to realise that you REALLY don't know enough!"

UWW Licensed Coach/Gold coach - This can only be obtained following completion of additional training with UWW and approval from WAZ. These coaches are members of the NWS and coach athletes to the highest levels. - Gold coach: to be added however will be a specialist rank awarded to UWW Coaches or those coaching Grappling as well (pending inclusion of grappling within WAZ scope.)


WAZ will be using a development pathway modelled off the Australian Strength & Conditioning Association (ASCA). The pathway will involve 3 levels and be designed to encourage ongoing development it is expected that a 4th level will be added as more knowledge and experience is developed within the Zambian S&C community. The current plan suggests that this pathway will look something like this;

Level 1 - Club Strength & Conditioning coach. A basic knowledge of fitness and programming with skills to ensure the safe perfromance of key exercises by Youth, Senior/adult and Veteran athletes.

Level 2 - Provincial Strength & Conditioning coach. A well developed knowledge of strength & conditioning practices and principles with a basic knowledge of athlete preperation and rehabilitation. At this point the coach either has or is working towards a Sport Science degree or similar.

Level 3 - National Strength & Conditioning coach. Either working with or well able to work with athletes of the highest level, it is expected that these people are well on their way to a degree or masters. They have experience in preparing, maintaining and rehabilitating wrestlers across all wrestling disciplines.

Establishing a club.

The process withing WAZ at this stage is simple when it comes to establishing a club. You will need;

1) A coach or coach in training registered with WAZ.

2) A club manager who is a WAZ member.

3) A location to train at. This can be outdoors if you are only doing Beach wrestling but Freestyle and Greco-Roman must have indoor training and storage areas.

4) At least 1 referee or referee in training who is registered with WAZ.

5) Proposed training times and cost as well as a club/team name.

Once you have all of that please complete the Registration form (Button below) and a WAZ Development officer will contact you to get you set up.