The National Wrestling Squad (NWS) is drawn from the best wrestlers from all provinces in Zambia!

From this squad athletes are selected to compete for Zambia at major international wrestling competitions!

Athletes can apply for the NWS from 8 years old, however it is not for everyone.

A NWS athlete is expected to;

  • Follow the training schedule assigned to them.

  • Attend school and achieve a "B" average.

  • Have no reports of anti-social or criminal behavior.

  • Demonstrate "role model" behavior at all times.

  • Undertake training to support WAZ and the wrestling community.

  • Train and compete to the best of their abilities at all times.

What is involved?

Being an elite athlete is hard work! Especially now. Many youth athletes don't just play the game they also have to do weight training, watch their diet, travel across the globe and did we mention training?

As part of the NWS athletes are expected to train 8-10 hours a week with additional strength and conditioning training.

Depending on their age, competition goals and the team composition they could be away from home for up to 6 months of the year.

All athletes at international level can expect to be selected for anti-doping testing at some point so a NWS athlete needs to be prepared for that at all times, regardless of age.

Make no mistake it is a huge honour to be chosen to represent your country. However getting on a plane (or 3) travelling for 30+ hours, at a cost of $10,000USD to get convincingly beaten in 30 seconds in front of hundreds if not thousands of people can be too much for some people.

We do not promise you glory or success in fact we can tell you you will know defeat and failure, often. However if you have the heart and dedication then the NWS will be an experience like nothing you have ever known and a chance to stand for your whole country!





Under 13, 35Kg - Victor Sinkhala.

Under 15, Under 45Kg - Harrison Kaluba, Paul Mindela.

Under 17, Under 55Kg - Able Banda, Dalitso, Freedom Kabwe.

Under 20/Seniors, Under 65Kg - Andrew Chama, Chisala, Morgan.

Under 20/Seniors, Under 75Kg - Kangwa Daka, Gilbert.


Under 17, Under 65Kg - Helen Mulenga.

Under 20/Seniors - Abigail Mulenga, Bertha Chanda.